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Open call for tenders.

01 September 2016

The franchise in general

A franchise contract brings a number of advantages for both the franchisor and the franchisee. Indeed, as an investor, the latter already invests in a known brand, already having its customers. As the flagship of an already successful brand, the franchisee can make profits significantly faster than starting a new business. Indeed, the exclusivity of products or services offers the franchisee a market that has already been acquired. In addition, the cost savings are also to the benefit of the franchisee. In fact, he directly benefits from a transfer of know-how from the franchisor, through the training offered. The acquisition of this “know-how” can suddenly be very high in opening a new business.

Finally, the franchise limits the risk of bankruptcy. According to the Tunisie-Franchise site: “80% of small businesses go bankrupt the first two years of their existence against 10% for a franchise. On average, the time for an independent business to become economically and financially profitable, is necessarily 2 to 5 years, it all depends on the type of business. For a new franchise, the average financial return period is of the order of 6.6 months ”.


The franchise contract is a contract by which the owner of a brand or a commercial sign grants the right to operate it to a natural or legal person called a franchisee, for the purpose of distributing products or the provision of services for a fee. Article 14 of Law n ° 2009-69 of August 12, 2009, relating to distribution trade.

The Electronic Security Sector:

The electronic and physical security sectors have experienced exceptional growth in Tunisia and in the world for several years already and this trend should hold for a long time given the geopolitical contexts and the global economic crisis which increases delinquency in all countries.


In Tunisia and as a good expert in these fields, I can say that few projects have failed, some ‘start-ups’ have even become ‘success stories’.

Security is no longer a luxury for the individual or the trader, it has even become a necessity in certain cases. Prices have become accessible to the average Tunisian and to small businesses, which creates even more opportunity and generates growth in the sector estimated by experts at 25% from 2014 to 2015.


The TBS concept:

The franchisees are our collaborators and the franchise is the extension of our company!

As part of its national and international development, TBS is launching its global network of franchises!


Becoming a TBS franchisee means benefiting from:

1) A strong brand image, since TBS is a leading pioneer in electronic security in Tunisia. The franchisee will be able to display the TBS sign on his business, his correspondence, cars etc …

2) A network of professional trainers in the fields of electronic security. The franchisee will be entitled to an initial technical-commercial training of one month for himself and his employees at the TBS headquarters in Tunis. Upgrading training sessions on new products or technologies will be organized every week at TBS for its network.

3) A flow of important customers generated by our regular marketing campaigns with territorial exclusivity by delegation in Tunisia.

4) Benefits of collaborative commerce generated by the franchise network: Sharing of commercial and technical information (all our franchisees will be interconnected and information sharing is a contractual obligation), virality of success: a successful installation by a franchisees will reverberate throughout the network, a technical problem is quickly resolved by raising it in the network. You will understand that a customer will come to you more easily because they are reassured by an important, strong and secure network.

5) Management advice from TBS management and recommendations to banks, insurance companies and partner leasing companies. The denser the network, the better the benefits and conditions that we can receive on a purchase, leasing or insurance that we could group together.

6) Contributions from TBS global partners who are leaders such as HIKVISION, PARADOX, SATEL, ZKTECO, PULSAR, RG France, SECUSCAN, QMATIC, HDL, TERACOM etc … Contributions in marketing tools, regular visits and support for projects, Provision of know-how by assisting with complex achievements, Training in Tunisia or at the manufacturer.

7) Advantageous price and payment conditions via our SST distribution center (www.securitysourcing.net).


The profile of the franchisee:

The franchisee can be a company already established in the activity of electronic security, IT, electronics or electricity.

Or a company wishing to develop or change its activities towards electronic security.

The franchisee can also be a new entrepreneur, a new graduate wishing to create a new project in a promising sector with own funds or by using bank loans or via BTS. (TBS is approved by the BTS bank).


The TBS offer:

Entrance fees :

Between 5000DT and 40000DT depending on the population of the delegation. See price list

Operating fee: 0

Advertising fee: 0

Royalties: Decreasing according to the turnover 6-4-2% with a minimum of 500DT HT per month.

Minimum surface area of ​​commercial premises: 25 m²

Type of contract: Franchise, renewable 2-year contract.


Procedures or how to proceed:

Start by sending us by email:

If you are an established company: License, Trade Register, CIN and CV of the manager, the latest balance sheet with a request indicating the desired coverage area, your human and material resources as well as one or more photos of the premises you currently have or that you plan to allocate to this activity.

If you are a new entrepreneur wanting to create a start-up: CIN + CV, a request indicating the delegation where you plan to set up and the means of financing you expect (Bank, BTS), the equity you intend to allocate to the project , if you have a room, its address and any photos.

We will then travel to meet you and discuss your project in your area.

After accepting the file and completing the administrative papers by signing the contract, we start by assisting you in starting the activity and training you on all the products.

You can send your application files or request more information or documentation only to this email address please: emir.mehri@tbssecurity.com


we would be happy to see you soon succeed with us!



Founder and manager of TBS since 1992

Founder and Manager of SST since 2009